• Emma Winter

Is there Room?

…room for another person to write and talk about…

- Health & Healthy Eating,

- Stress & Hormones,

- Sleep & Energy,

- Self Love & Connectivity,

- Raw/Organic/Locally Produce,

- Physical Activity & N.E.A.T,

- Yoga & Meditation,

- Wellness & Workplace Wellness,

My name is Emma Winter and I’m a Flexitarian. I’m one because over the years I have developed the intuition to know what is right for MY body. I work with clients to help them develop an understanding of what suits their bodies. I’m not going to push you though because if I do, you’ll resist. I believe that if you are well informed you’ll make better choices and live a healthier more active lifestyle. It’s ultimately and always up to you. And so with permission, make some room and let’s discuss these very pressing topics . Keen on finding out what a healthier lifestyle could do for you? I am currently offering a 5 FREE discovery calls. You can fill in a health history form and sign up for a call here.

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