Nutritional Therapy

My scientific approach to nutrition, looks at each individual as just that – an individual. During your nutrition consultation, my goal is to find the root causes of your problems, using testing and research to connect the dots of your health puzzle and create a unique treatment plan.

Do you feel like you’re constantly rushing from one thing to another? 

Do you crave sugar and junk food all the time, just to keep you going? 

Are you exhausted when you fall into bed, but unable to get a good night's sleep?


Low energy and fatigue are probably the most common complaints clients have. There are many underlying imbalances that can contribute to low energy but it may surprise you how a few simple changes can make a big difference to how you feel.




There are many female health problems, including PCOS, Endometriosis, PMS & Menopausal symptoms. Most of which are triggered by the same mechanisms, including Stress, Hormone Imbalance, Nutritional Deficiencies and Toxins. By making some lifestyle and dietary changes, the vast majority of women’s health problems can be alleviated or, in many cases, eliminated altogether.

Wherever you are on your fertility journey, you will benefit from a tailor-made nutrition programme. 


I support women who are: 

  • Thinking of trying to conceive in the near future

  • Having difficulty conceiving 

  • Experiencing recurrent miscarriages

  • Wanting to optimise their chances of IVF success.

What you eat and your lifestyle during pregnancy has a profound effect on the health and development of your baby for his or her whole life. During pregnancy, your baby depends on you for all the nutrients required for healthy growth and development, therefore it is vital that your diet is nutrient dense and tailored to your particular stage of pregnancy.


I can help you to safely enhance your body’s ability to cope with the changes so that you can enjoy being pregnant and becoming a new mother.

Energy & Fatigue

Female Hormones



Nutrition affects many aspects of your health. Other conditions affected by nutrition that Emma has successfully worked with are:

  • ​Weight Management 

  • Arthritis

  • Auto-immune diseases

  • Depression

  • Eczema

  • Intestinal Symptoms (bloating, diarrhoea, gas and unexplained pain)

  • Joint pain

  • Sports Nutrition


Private Consultation

All new clients begin with an initial nutrition consultation which typically takes 90 minutes. This includes:

  • Taking a thorough medical and health history

  • Reviewing your current diet and nutritional supplements

  • Discussing any current and relevant blood work

  • Providing you with some foundational nutritional advice to follow based on your case review

  • Ordering any appropriate functional tests


After the appointment I will reflect on all the information gathered and create a foundational nutrition plan for you to follow. This written report will detail your bespoke food plan, lifestyle advice and appropriate supplement regimen targeted to your situation.

Following the first initial case review appointment you will be contacted to schedule follow up appointments throughout the remainder of your treatment plan.

Family Appointment

Sometimes there may be concerns / symptoms that are affecting the whole of the family.

Or perhaps you are thinking of starting a family and wish to look into your fertility.

Online/ Distance 


Skype & FaceTime consultations mean that Emma is able to look after clients who live in remote areas of the UK, and all around the world. 

Virtual consultations remove the barrier of:

  • Busy mums

  • Working life

  • Remote locations

  • Travel


If testing if involved, the laboratories used, generally courier the test kits out to you after the consultation, so you can collect the samples in your own time at home.


In most instances a local phlebotomist can be found if blood samples need to be drawn.