Ericka, Paris

I'd like to tell you how instructive and amazing my diet journey with Emma was. Eating is my passion, I love it! When I hear people speaking about special diets (no sugar, no oil, no pleasure) I feel desperate and completely unable to follow such torture. Emma did a miracle as she succeeded to keep me on track. Her approach was very different; she listened to me and supported me along the way. Eventually I mastered a way of eating that was right for me as she combined my pleasures with a solid background in nutrition.

Ultimately, her soft and kind personality was one of the most important parts of the process. If you want to make someone change their habits, being severe or hard is not the way. I don't even think she deliberately uses a soft method as a strategy, it's just her way; she's kind, caring and supportive.

Laura, Wales

Working with Emma has improved my overall health and wellbeing and has transformed my outlook on life. I am now able to cook healthy, tasty dishes and Emma has given me the motivation and knowledge to exercise on my own. 

Emma is an inspirational and positive coach who is patient and supportive in helping you reach your personal goals.

Anna, Jersey

Emma is an excellent health coach and qualified nutritionist. I got in touch with Emma as I needed help in making changes to my diet. I was at that time new mother, 4 months postpartum and I continued to breastfeed twins. I lacked energy and I had little time to prepare nutritious food for myself. Emma has considered my health and circumstances well before advising me on changes which she backed with easy recipe ideas. Emma’s help was invaluable and I would highly recommend her!

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